Hi, yes finding clients is hard for a lot of people. I gave you some ideas in this article – you have to be able to prove you can do what you offer, and you have to be able to find people who need it. I’ve found Facebook to be a good source – get to know people in your niche, find groups where prospective clients hang out.

You can’t be spammy or real promotional, but be helpful and make sure your personal FB profile says what you do.

Also connect with other people on FB who might need what you do. I’ve worked with multiple SEO companies, so if I have quite a few mutual friends with someone who does SEO, I invite them to become my Friend. Often they accept and I’ve gotten work that way – they see what I do and contact me.

If you want to work with people who live near you, you DO have to get good at talking to people. Attend networking events and ask questions.

We’ll probably post a lot about this as the Forum grows, I hope this was helpful!


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