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    sell information from clickbank

    One of the simplest ways to make money online is affiliate marketing – selling other people’s products. You find a product that interests you online and you agree to receive a commission from the vendor for each sale you drive to their site.

    You are not limited to physical products; digital products such as e-books, videos and software are commonly sold online by affiliate marketers. These are often called “information products.”

    This can be quite profitable, if you find a good product and take the right steps to promote it.

    Clickbank is an affiliate network with a good reputation for offering a wide array of digital products you can make affiliate commissions on. They act as intermediaries between vendors (who create digital products) and the affiliates who promote them.

    Digital products tend to have extremely high commissions per sale. A good ClickBank offer can often earn you many times more than a 3% commission from selling physical products on Amazon or other affiliate programs.

    The video below features YIVE Founder Marcus Cudd and one of his users, Diana Ratliff. It focuses on some very important concepts:

    • Choosing a ClickBank product
    • Using link shorteners
    • Writing articles based on keyword research
    • Spinning articles (sophisticated word-substitution)
    • Using YIVE Video to create videos from the articles

    Please be aware that the YIVE Video software and strategy has been significantly modified since this video was recorded. In addition, we have more tools (such as YIVERanker) that will help you promote ClickBank and other products. The last 1/3 of the video is more dated, then – but the first part of it contains information that we hope you will find very useful!


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