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    Spoiler alert – our opinion is no, but it helps.

    There’s some truth to the idea that you can be passionate about anything that makes you money! Some entrepreneurs do just fine with this idea; they enjoy the process more than the topic and are very focused on outcomes (profit.)

    Make sense but…

    Online success takes a while. It may be a year or two before you see significant income. (Of course, it may be faster.) 

    Building a sideline income, much less a job-replacement-income, doesn’t happen quickly. Much depends on how much you know when you start and how much time you spend doing the day-to-day work.

    If you’re going to spend that much time writing about a particular topic or product, it sure helps if you like the topic! Your passion for the subject will give you purpose and a reason to stick it out until you’re successful.

    And even better if it’s something you already know something about. You’re ahead of the game if you already use the software or have worked in the field or collect books on the topic or hang out in related Facebook groups.

    Let’s use Carrie as an example. (Modeled after a family member, by the way.)

    • She’s divorced, with 2 kids in their 20s
    • One of her kids has Asperger’s syndrome
    • She’s recently retired – taught English and Special Ed and has strong feelings about how we educate kids with special needs (and their parents)
    • She can talk your ear off about American History, especially American Presidents
    • She can’t imagine not having dogs, and watches TV shows like “Pitbulls and Parolees”. Visiting Dogtown is on her bucket list
    • She’s not that tech-savvy

    She’d be smart to look at niches related to Special Education/Asperger’s, or American History, or dog ownership. Why?

    She has knowledge to get her started. And enough passion to work through learning the “techie” part of marketing online.

    Our suggestion though, would be to take the idea of “follow your passion” a bit further.

    Validate Your Passion with Keyword Research

    In other words, look at the search terms people use in search engines when they want information on a particular topic or product. Figure out how popular those queries are, and how difficult it would be to write content that Google will rank for it. (More about what keywords are in this article.)

    Some niches and keywords are much more competitive than others – meaning there are more existing web pages for Google to choose from. It is much easier to be found online if you are competing with 100 related pages, not 1000!

    It may very well be that one of those topic ideas is much more wide-open than the others. Or that a particular angle or aspect of the topic is worth pursuing.

    This is why we focus so much of our training and advice on keyword research. We hope that you like what you do AND that it is realistically possible to profit from doing it.

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