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    Want more people to DO SOMETHING when they visit your site or read your blog post?

    As an online marketer, it’s incredibly frustrating when you know you’re getting site visitors, and they seem to be reading your articles – but they never take the next step.

    Most prospective customers go through a 4-step customer journey before they place an order, submit their email address or watch your video. It’s called the AIDA formula.

    AIDA formula

    Here’s what the AIDA Formula means:

    • Attention
      Getting attention for your products or services, often through advertising or Google search
    • Interest
      Strengthening their interest, describing product benefits, using slogans, staying in front of them
    • Desire
      Using rational and emotional arguments to persuade them that yes, they NEED your product
    • Action
      Making a purchase decision

    There are many reasons why a potential customer might not complete this journey and buy from you.

    One simple strategy will certainly help – and there are only two steps. Once they have arrived at your site, channel or other online property, you should:

    TELL THEM WHAT TO DO NEXT (create a Call to Action)



    Telling People What to Do by Using Strong CTAs

    A Call to Action encourages people to take a next step, taking a simple action towards the sale. It’s often in the form of a text hyperlink, a button, or even plain text with no link.

    A good CTA uses short, strong, unmistakable language. (Assume your reader has about an 8th-grade education level.) Here are examples of good CTAs:

    • Subscribe Now
    • Learn More
    • View
    • Add to Cart
    • Enroll Now
    • Get Instant Access
    • Get Started
    • Shop Now
    • Claim your spot
    • Upgrade Now
    • Buy Now
    • Order Now
    • Use Promo Code: BESTDEAL

    Notice that these use action verbs!

    Telling People Why They Should Do It

    People need a reason to take action. Back to the AIDA Formula – they need to understand the benefits of what you’re offering, and they need to want those benefits. Hopefully, you have good job of explaining that before you get to the CTA.

    If you have done so, and can still keep it short and sweet, you can combine the CTA with the benefit: 

    • Download your free guide and start earning tomorrow
    • Join our mailing list for free shipping on your first order
    • Refer a friend for $5 discount
    • Try XYZ Free for 30 days
    • Get 15% off our software, offer ends today! (Notice that urgency is part of this CTA?)

    Don’t limit yourself to just one CTA, especially in longer copy; you can have primary and secondary CTAs too.

    You can – and probably should! – use CTAs on all of your online marketing platforms. Most of the time, a clickable CTA button will be your best bet. Many studies have shown that clickable CTA buttons increase conversions.

    Remember to tailor your CTA based on the platform you’re using, what advertising you’re doing, and where the prospect is in your sales funnel.

    For example, “Learn More” feels much more low-risk and low-pressure than “Buy Now”. Most people feel uncomfortable if asked to make a buying decision right away.

    CTAs, like most other marketing strategies, can be tested. Don’t be afraid to try different CTAs! People generally have a hard time making a decision; encouraging them to do so will help you make more sales.

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