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    domain name search

    Choosing a good domain name is important. Here are some strategies to help you pick one that enhances the value of your site’s content. A domain name is not only an “online address”, but also a tool that helps you establish your brand and persuade people to check out what you offer.

    A domain name can become one of your most valuable online assets. (There’s an entire industry devoted to buying and selling domain names!)

    How Are You Going to Use the Site?

    Of primary importance is understanding how you will use the site, and where the domain name is mentioned (print? radio? online online?)

    If you intend to sell the website, the domain name should be one that is easily branded to the new owner. (Don’t use “BobSmithWidgets and expect to sell it to anyone who is NOT named Bob Smith.)

    We’ll expand on those concepts, below.

    Should A Domain Name Match Your Business Name?

    Maybe. It doesn’t have to. Your business may be “Onyx Enterprises” and the brand you are promoting may be a local plumbing outlet. In that case, it may be better to buy OnxyPlumbing (brand + niche) or even DallasPlumbing (location + niche.)

    It makes sense to keep the domain related to the business you’re promoting, but it does not have to be identical.

    Should You Choose a Domain with Keywords in It?

    There has been debate among SEO experts about the value of EMDs – exact match domains. Having a domain name that was identical to a search term – say, BlueSuedeShoes – made it easier for the site to rank well in Google.

    While there is still some truth to that, the real value of a domain name with keywords in it is its ability to attract the kind of visitors you want.

    If you sell blue suede shoes – and someone searches for “blue suede shoes” – and they find a website with the domain name BlueSuedeShoes – they are VERY likely to visit that site. Why? Because it’s exactly what they were looking for!

    Domain names with keywords can also convey authority, which leads to higher conversion rates. After all, you wouldn’t put that keyword in your domain name if you weren’t an expert on it, right?

    Domain Names That Convey Meaning

    Related to the keyword idea is the model of adding words to the domain (brand or keyword) that give you more information.

    For example, these related domains suggest different types of content and would attract different types of site visitors.

    • DallasPlumbing
    • DallasPlumbingNews
    • DallasPlumbingStore
    • BestDallasPlumbing

    What Is the History of the Domain Name?

    Many domain names have been used before, previously registered. And unfortunately, some have been penalized by Google because they were used in spammy, unethical ways.

    If that spammer lets the domain registration drop, so that it is available to purchase again, you can “inherit” those penalties. It may be nearly impossible to get that domain name to rank.

    A way to check to see if and how the domain was used in the past is to visit the Wayback Machine at web.archive.org. You will be able to view previous versions of the domains.

    If the domain name was previously used for porn – or anything that is completely unrelated to your intended use of the site – it’s probably better not to buy it.

    Alternatively, you may find a terrific, expired domain that is an excellent match to your website concept. One that still has backlinks and some domain authority.

    Using an expired domain like that can be a good way to jumpstart your rank and traffic.

    In fact, if you can possibly find a good expired domain that matches your niche and intent, we highly suggest you use it.

    This video from our SEO Series is an excellent overview of WHY and HOW to find good expired domain names.


    Are Related Social Media Accounts Available?

    Your online presence is not just your website, so it’s smart to check for the use of your preferred brand, product or keyword on other websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

    Knowem.com is a free tool that allows you to search over 500 social networks, domain registrars, and the USPTO Trademark Database. Good idea to check here before buying a domain name.

    What If the Dot Com Domain Is Already Registered?

    In the US, .com is the preferred, most valuable domain name extension. It is what people look for, by default.

    If the .com is taken (and developed!) it may not be worth developing a site on the .net or .org version.

    You may be better off using a .com domain with keywords or other meaningful terms.

    Other Useful Domain Registration Tips:

    • The shorter the domain, the better. Two words if you can.
    • Don’t use hyphens. People forget to type them in, and the owner of the non-hyphenated site will get the traffic.
    • Buy appropriate variations of your domain, such as singular and plural versions.
    • Register your primary domains for more than one year, and auto-renew. Remember, you don’t own them – you lease them. If your registration drops, someone else can buy it.

    To conclude, there are many things to consider when choosing a domain name. It’s not usually a simple thing, and many good domain names are already registered. It may take some thinking and research to find the right one for you.

    Good luck! These tips will enhance your probability of success.

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