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    Never built a website? Don’t know a backlink from a cufflink? Break out in a cold sweat when you think about posting on Facebook?

    That doesn’t need to stop you from generating income from the Internet. In fact, for this approach, you may have an advantage over people who already offer those services.

    All you do is talk to other business owners. And let someone else do the Internet marketing work!

    Marketing conversations come up anyway, and you can often generate a chat on this topic by asking a few questions.  “How’s your website working for you these days, Joe?” or “Does Facebook work for you, Emma?”

    See what the business owner says. 

    If they aren’t happy with what they’re doing (or NOT doing) now, tell them that you know someone who’s really good at helping businesses make more sales and profits with this online “stuff.”

    Explain that you don’t get how it works, but your friend “Jason” does something with Google and Facebook and websites and video. And he’s gotten great results for some people you know.

    Tell them that Jason is super-busy but because he’s your friend you might be able to persuade him to give you a free consultation.

    If the business owner you’re talking to likes this idea, get his contact info and give it to Jason (or someone else who offers those services.)

    If they strike up a deal, you get a percentage of what Jason charges – maybe 10 to 25%.

    Why Does This Strategy Work?

    You talk to business owners already. They’re your neighbors, church friends, restaurant owners and companies you buy from already. With a bit more effort, you can reach out to business owners your friends know, go to business networking meetings, call on the phone etc.

    You have an advantage if you’re “one of them.”  You’re in the same boat; you know how they feel. Lots of business owners are completely confused. No one taught them marketing, they just know how to put on a roof or adjust your back.

    Yet they get all this pressure from the phone company or some local advertising mailer or the guy in their business networking group. They don’t know who to trust.

    You don’t have to buy or sell anything. No pressure. If you get a question, just honestly say that “I don’t understand all this computer stuff, but my friend is a genius with it and he’s a really good guy.”

    You can get started immediately. You don’t need your own website or even business cards. You’re just making a connection and getting paid to do so.

    How Do You Find Digital Marketing Experts to Partner with You?

    If someone you know or work with is already an expert on digital marketing services, then just ask them if they’d pay for referrals. See what they say. This is the easiest.

    You may want to do some online research; read up on digital marketing companies in your area. Read their reviews. If you can, reach out to a few of their customers and ask about their experience with the company you’re researching.

    Then reach out to that company, tell them you can generate some referrals, and ask if you can get paid to do so.

    Should You Outsource Instead of Refer?

    A related idea is to simply outsource the work. Say that YOU can build a website, then hire someone to do the actual work. It’s a common practice.

    It’s not ideal unless you are already familiar with digital marketing. Since you are working with the client (not your outsourced worker), you will need to answer questions your client has.

    And you need to know enough about the service you’re offering to direct and evaluate the work your employee does.

    Honestly, simply having conversations with business owners, making friends with them, and telling them you know someone who can help them get more sales and profits can be a really profitable business model.

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