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    growing assets

    I want to take a few minutes to plant some seeds in your brain.

    To become wealthy, you must think in terms of assets. Why? Well, in the United States our tax code is designed to punish income but protect assets.

    Wealthy people create and accumulate assets. They keep most of their money because they do not have income.

    When you think about YIVE products, think in terms of how they can help you build assets.

    An easy example is a landing page that builds a list. YIVE Video can build the traffic to accumulate the list. The asset is the list. 

    I once sold a list of subscribers for an olive oil newsletter for $3,000 with only 700 subscribers on it and included the simple funnel to grow the list.

    Your life should be about creating assets that generate passive revenue, or assets you can flip for profit.

    Build a website that creates leads in a niche and either sell the leads or sell the website. Build up the channels with YIVEVideo to feed the site. Build site backlinks using YIVERanker. Do it again, and again.

    I built a funnel for a local university that took their enrollment in one of their programs from 5 students to two full cohorts of 30 students each. Each student pays $45,000 to attend. 

    It’s an ASSET that I turn on and off for them each year. They write me 6 checks per year for $47,000. EACH.

    I can flip an “Evergreen PreRoll” video campaign for local businesses for $3,000. I even sell them the preroll creation for another $2,000. Vide campaigns can produce 1,000’s of videos per month with their “Evergreen PreRolls” that are always there. Two hours of setup.

    Build assets. Think wealthy. Go get your money.

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    Awesome post, Diana! Thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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