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    From a Facebook post in early 2021:

    Some of you have asked me how I came across the concept of Web Network Empires.

    Well, the first one I built I didn’t realize that’s what I was building.

    I wanted to build something truly automated. Set it up, and then forget about it, cash would come in every month.

    I had several real estate clients at the time, and I saw some very interesting things about SEO in real estate and I took advantage of this by building an automated video system for real estate. It worked well.

    But I wanted to establish a real estate lead generation site nationally. It was ambitious, but I thought worse-case-scenario I would monetize with ads.

    So I found a feed, which wasn’t quite what I wanted. So I hired a dev to build me a modified feed and that’s how I met Nasir Nobin who was better than advertised.

    We built the site using WordPress and the feed. We found a regular theme online and modified it. I got a Zapier account and began syndicating my feeds to my Facebook Page. But then I discovered GROUPS!

    I made some pages and groups based on geography and syndicated my category feeds to them, as well as other content I found on the web. I then began syndicating that 3rd party content to my own site and re-syndicating that to these pages and groups, and YouTube. Hello traffic!

    I never set up the lead generation plan (no time). But I kept Adsense and it earns just over $1,000 per month. Google does a great job of matching ads for homes for the audience. I never touch the site.

    Will I share this URL? Hell, no! Why kill a good thing when some people in life are envious jerks?

    I’ll do you something better. YIVESites is designed to help you make it this simple. You WILL do it if you follow the process in the training.

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    Simple 1 Page Case Studies

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