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    In September 2021, Marcus (YIVE Founder) shared this screenshot and explanation of what he did.

    Here’s the transcript, expanded to include answers to questions he was asked.

    Image Below: Keyword Research for Client

    keyword research for client

    Most keywords were moderate in competition, according to Ahrefs.

    Client Problem:

    Less than 200 visits per month organically, less than 10 leads per month organically. Site is 1 year old, about 20 pages.

    Client Success KPI (Key Performance Indicators): Traffic > 1,000 visits per month; Leads conversion rate at least 10%

    1 – Signed this client June 1 (insurance industry)

    2 – Did on on-page SEO updates

    3 – Did Foundation Accounts by June 15 (foundation accounts are essentially social accounts for the website’s “brand” – more explanation is in the YIVERanker training.)

    4 – Started one blog post per week (a virtual assistant – VA – wrote the posts, using the keywords given. The client would edit and polish the posts.)

    5 – Blog posts published with internal linking to key pages (pages we want to rank.)

    6 – Added RSS feed of blog to YIVERanker with Pegasus strategy, 1 Run per post. Used the content generator built into YIVERanker.

    Image: Google Analytics screenshot; red arrow indicates start date of YIVERanker; typical retraction of rankings in mid-August before surging ahead again.

    client traffic growth

    8 – 5,000 unique visits in July and August

    9 – Goal conversion rate (Leads) at 19% (over 1,000 leads)

    (Remember, at the start – client’s site got fewer than 200 visits per month organically, less than 10 leads per month organically.

    Client just upgraded their $1,500/mo. contract to $6,000/mo. (New KPI is 2,500 leads at that higher price point. Leads were triggered by form submissions – visit to a thank you page for an insurance quote – which shows in Analytics.)

    Marcus says – You can do this!

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