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    Chris Derenberger

    YT Evo has been going strong since 2019 and has been used to create thousands of websites for thousands of customers.

    YT Evo websites rank in Google to generate affiliate commissions, lead gen, Adsense and more.


    YT Evo is a WordPress plugin you install like any other.  Search for a few YouTube channels based on your niche and let the plugin embed those videos as separate posts along with extra content from multiple sources to help each page rank in Google.

    Now, monetize your website by adding banners, affiliate links, adsense, opt-in forms, and more.

    The YT Evo plugin will continue to monitor those YT Channels you added when it finds new videos, it will auto-post them as a new WordPress post hands free!

    As your website grows on its own, you can start adding your own content, product reviews, and more.


    • Many are using YT Evo to build their own affiliate sites fast then add reviews for affiliate products or launch jacking that result in a long-term stream of affiliate income. If you want a sneaky way to cookie your visitors or redirect them to an affiliate offer or a different website, then check out the YT Evo Cloaker.
    • Building affiliate sites is one of the easiest ways to use YT Evo, but these sites also get approved for Adsense. In fact, hundreds of websites created by the YT Evo plugin are now generating daily income from different ad networks.
    • Others are reaching out to YouTubers and offering a service to turn their channels into websites for extra exposure.
    • Some set up gigs on Fiverr and sell websites they create using YT Evo.
    • Many of our members are using YT Evo to build out entire networks of high authority sites and getting them approved as Google News Sites.
    • There are even agencies using YT Evo to build out local marketing websites for their clients from their YouTube channels that rank in Google like CRAZY!
    • This is all great, but what about lead generation? Of course! If you focus on good YouTube channels, it’s easy to get traffic to your websites that optin or even buy.
    • And this is just the start. After you learn to use YT Evo and use it more, you’ll find new ways to generate income from your own websites!

    Interested in knowing more?

    Watch the full demo on the YT Evo website at: https://www.ytevo.com

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