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    I sold a domain name today to a local business owner (turned about $10 into $400, which is nice!), even though at first he couldn’t understand why he would WANT another one. He already has a website, based on his name.

    I explained how it could help him with his marketing, since it was based on the service he offered. And that it could redirect to the exact page on his site where he sold that particular service – but despite my emailed explanations, he still didn’t get it.


    I went to Canva*com (graphics/image tool, you can do a LOT with the free version) and used one of their templates to create a FB post, referring to the new domain with a nice headline.

    And I also SHOWED him what a redirect is – basically, it’s a shortcut or nickname. (Very easy to set up.) My name DianaRatliff*com REDIRECTS (points to) my LinkedIn Profile and he could SEE that in action.

    Once he saw how this new domain WORKED, he was willing to buy.

    I think it’s important to remember that a lot of people don’t understand what some of us talk about or do, and a picture is worth 1000 words.

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