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    Website success equals traffic times conversions – huh?

    In other words, your ideal customers need to visit your site (traffic), then they need to take action (convert) when they get there.

    Your conversion rate is how many people take action (convert) divided by the total number of visitors. In other words, if you have 100 visitors and 10 of them convert, your conversion rate is 10%.

    You want your conversion rate to be as high as possible!

    Website Traffic

    If your ideal customer never sees your website, can’t find you or what you do, you’re at a serious disadvantage when it comes to marketing online.

    Broadly, speaking, there are two sources of online traffic. Organic traffic (which is free), is usually from search engines such as Google or Bing. The other is paid traffic, which happens because of paid advertising, such as Google Ads.

    The best way to get organic traffic is to optimize your website for search engines. For example, you should use keywords that people are commonly use when they search for what you offer. You should also make sure that your website loads quickly and that it’s easy to navigate.

    Ranking well (having a page being show up on the first page of Google for a search term) is not guaranteed nor is it immediate.

    It can take a few months or even a year to see results from your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts, depending on the nature of the website and the demand for what it offers.

    For example, if you are trying to rank a blog post nationally for a high-volume keyword like “life insurance”, it may take six months to a year to see results.

    If at all!

    Well-established websites funded by large companies with hefty marketing budgets are nearly impossible to beat for search terms like that.

    However, if you are trying to rank a low-volume keyword like “affordable life insurance in Dallas”, it may be much easier. That’s because fewer websites are designed and written to attract these less-popular terms.

    SEO (search engine optimization) is referenced often in this Forum – understanding how it works will make a huge difference, no matter what you market online or the kind of site you built. Keyword research is a big deal too, so that you can create content for which is easier to rank.

    You can also boost traffic by advertising on social media or with Google Ads. Paid traffic is guaranteed and you can be very focused on what you promote, which is great. You can ALWAYS get traffic if you’re willing to pay for it! But the traffic ends when you stop paying.

    Some experts recommend paying for traffic at first, to test the conversion rate of the site the ads send people to. You can pay for traffic while you’re working to get your site to rank.

    Website Conversions

    What is a website conversion?

    A conversion is any action you want your website visitors to take, such as signing up for your email list, purchasing a product, or filling out a form.

    There are many different types of conversion goals you can set on your website, and most of them will require you to create a form of content that drives people to take a desired action.

    In order to create the best content for your desired conversion, you need to thoroughly understand your audience. What are their biggest problems? What questions do they have? What topics would they like to read about? These are just a few of the many questions you should ask yourself when creating conversion-focused content.

    Measuring your website’s conversion rate can help you determine how effective your website is at driving these desired actions. A conversion rate of 3% or higher is generally considered a benchmark for an effective website, but it depends on the type of website too.

    For example, if you sell products online, the odds of a first-time visitor buying from you are 1-2%, even if you have a great website. You need to plan for that.

    Tracking conversions is important; this is often done by setting goals in your site analytics software.

    Understanding these basic concepts before creating an online income stream is important. Tools can help, but only if they’re guided by knowledge.

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